Print Work

Various print projects from direct mail to apparel to magazine work.

Print Work
Print design from direct mail to magazines.
While I pride myself as being an adaptive creative thinker, my true love is print design. Direct mail, brochures, magazines, apparel, print advertising, program books, packaging...I love it all. These are some examples of my favorite projects.
The Green-Wood Historic Fund's members-only The Arch magazine
Iber Artists' and PostClassical Ensemble's "Falla and Flamenco" series program book.
PostClassical Ensemble direct mail piece
Historic District Council's Six to Celebrate Program books (6 per set)
Center for Traditional Music and Dance's performance direct mail piece
T-shirt imprint design for Aéropostale.
The Green-Wood Cemetery's visitor's brochure (design and photography).
Kingsborogh Community College PAC's "3rd Thursdays" promotional poster series.
The Green-Wood Historic Fund's members-only The Arch magazine
ETHEL's performance promotional materials.
Kingsborough Community College PAC's "Hot Summer Nights" direct mail and promotional materials.
The Green-Wood Historic Fund's "Mathew's gargoyle" t-shirt graphics.
Pacific Symphony's "Uncharted Beauty" series program book.
Boosey & Hawkes' "American Arias" book series.
The Green-Wood Historic Fund's "Coney Island: Now, then forever" performance advertisement.
Young Audience NY's yearly Pre-K to 8 program books.
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